Friday, March 9, 2012

The best SMALL Photography Experience... For Pros Only

What if you could go to a photo conference that was all about photography? What if the whole point of the conference was to remind you why you fell in love with the photographic process? I think this is so relevant. I hear so often from photographers who are ‘burned out’ or struggling to find their passion. This conference is the antidote to a lack of passion. It is kindling.

Less than 20 photographers get to attend rebirth on an annual basis. It is held in some of the most texturally diverse and beautiful country in the US, incorporating the natural and human landscape of the Mississippi delta into the experience. The images that come from the photographers at Rebirth are arresting. One cannot help but sit and stare.

I’ll be there for the first time this year myself. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be taking my camera but I will not be taking my spreadsheets. My rebirth is different than yours. Yours is different than someone else’s. How we press our mental reset buttons is as varied as we are. I’m looking forward to it though and I can’t wait to meet and see the folks who are there. Only two spots remain. If this sounds interesting to you check it out. It’s a lifetime experience.



Joe McDonald said...


I know you have no control over this site
but it is loaded with virus trojans


Jim Collins said...

Weird. Those guys are friends so I ran it and my sysadmins ran it and we didn't turn anything up. I let Will and Chris know and they had Godaddy check it out with the same result...

They may email you for more info..
Thanks for the heads up.


Joe McDonald said...

Yes they did contact me. I sent them what info I could about Jscript commands. It certainly could be my anti virus doing false positives. Will see.

Frank Myers :: Digital Artist said...

Ready,set, rebirth! See you next week.