Sunday, April 5, 2009

What inspires creativity?

Went last night to Blueman Group here in Las Vegas. Here's a show with three pretty odd looking guys who simply stand and look and dance and drum there way through 90 minutes of high energy creativity. Not a word was spoken, though many are used in the multimedia experience surrounding the stage. But there isn't a moment that could in any respect be called boring ...

It left me wondering ... What inspires this level of creativity. I mean, who sat down and thought, Hey! I know, we'll take three guys, paint their heads blue and have them drum on paint filled drums so the colors spray up in the air?

It's so much fun to sit and breath is in. To understand that there are people who have creative vision and who develop their talents to a level we mere mortals can't possibly hope to attain. I see it in some of my new customers photography. I read it in great books. I see it in paintings and in dance.

There are people who walk by these things and see them an never notice. Even people who sometimes come and sit and watch, and even exposed directly, are simply blinded by indifference. That's sad. Whether good or bad, art touches our soul when we let it and reminds us of the vibrance of life.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Off to the ACMs in Vegas

Recently we were having dinner with our friends Patrick and Karren McClenahan and they invited us to join them at this weekend's Association of Country Music awards. We jumped at the chance, with a quick, YES! So we're leaving in the morning for a quick Vegas round trip that will include BlueMan Group, the awards show, and dinner at SW Steakhouse and Mesa Grill. It's going to be pretty fun.

I told a friend we were going and he said something that got me thinking ... "I didn't even know you liked country music."

In truth, I don't know when I started listening to Country. It's been in the last few years though. When I got to thinking about why I had made the jump from classic rock and R&B which I used to flip back and forth between, I came up with three reasons.

As a musician, I appreciate the melodies, straight ABA - bridge construction of most country songs, and the instrumental balance of the recordings. As a father I appreciate the wholesome nature of most country music, and the wry humor of some of the songs that teeter on the edge. As an adult American male I appreciate the values espoused in country music; love of country, respect for those in uniform, respect for church, seasons of life.

I also appreciate the metamorphosis of country music. I have to admit that I still can't really relate to the classic country sound. Country music went through a big change. Though many resisted, its rise in popularity is the clear outgrowth of that change. There's a life lesson there. Change is good.