Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adorama Rocks! Lens and Learn just got a big shot in the arm!

Hey all ...

Buy camera gear from Adorama. Heck, get prints from them too! Pictage needed a partner to make equipment more accessible as we've had demand from Boys and Girls Clubs around the country. I reached out to everyone I could think of and then someone reached out to Adorama on our behalf. Joel Meisel (twitter @adoramaused) and I met in NYC. He came to the UberPug we did there with Joe Buissink and then I met with he and Brian Green, their VP of Marketing the next day at Adorama. They were able to do a deal for us on the cameras that made it possible for us to just go ahead and buy the 20 we needed. We're looking for a road case and some other gear, but this will mean that we can take our Lens and Learn program across the country, essentially anywhere there is a Boys and Girls Club that wants to do it and anywhere there are photographers who can help. (which in my experience is just about everywhere!).

We'll also be using these cameras for other functions involving teaching disadvantaged folks how to use them in fun and rewarding ways. While we were prepared to go it alone, it is a real thrill to have a partner like Adorama. These guys are the real deal.

Twitter thanks to them @adorama! They deserve a real pat on the back!

Thanks so much!



Alice G Patterson said...

Wow, that is such a great project! I love that you are creating these photography programs for the disadvantaged. Truly wonderful.

PhotoJ said...

This is an awesome project. If you get a request from the Boys & Girls Club in Charleston or Huntington West Virgina give me a shout I will be honored to help out.

lk said...

How can we find out more about this program through pictage and adorama?